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12 Year Old Laynee Crushing Goals and Winning Races

We are so excited to be sharing stories from all your epic adventures- aka “Tales of Epic Shit”! This week we are featuring Laynee, who is 12 years old and races for team C4 (Canyon County Composite Cycling) in the IICI (Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League) in NICA.

She is so passionate about cycling, this is her second year racing and has trained throughout the off season to prepare. Some of her role models are Sonya Looney, Fairlee Frey and Kate Courtney- all fantastic riders.


This season she entered into the Grand Targhee race where she wore her avocado Moxy and Grit socks (we know those brought you good luck!)


Laynee’s story, “On race day it rained the day and night before so start times were a little bit delayed, but that’s okay because it gave us some hero dirt for race day! I started the race in second position, there was a road hill climb right at the start into a single track and I went into the hole and kept myself in 2nd place. But not very far down the road I passed the girl ahead of me and next thing you know, I’m leading the race! I even passed 8th graders who started ahead of us! Now heading toward the end of the race there was a big grass hill climb and that’s where I dropped everyone, the girl I previously passed was 21 seconds behind me.

I couldn’t believe it, and I won the race! It was the best feeling ever and this has made me want to work even harder to continue winning!”

Prior to her race Laynee attended the “Inspire Your Ride” event this year where she got to hear Sonya Looney and Fairlee Frey speak, she said it motivated her to work harder and excel even more! The words of Sonya and Fairly gave her more fuel for her fire that she set two goals for herself that day.


  1. Immediate goal - Finish 1st place this season
  2. Long term goal - Receive a college scholarship in mountain biking and make it to a World Cup.


Can we just say WOW, those are some spectacular goals and her handwork and determination put her into first in the Targhee race! Congratulations Laynee!! We can’t wait to see you crush your second goal in the upcoming years.


Her coach, Jessica Wyman said:


“Laynee is no stranger to the podium and that's out of her determination and grit.  She doesn't just show up on race day in hopes that she can place well.  She works hard at every practice, and trains appropriately in the off season.  She's not afraid of the technical features and is eager to add distance and speed in her workouts.  When things don't go as planned it just lights are fire in her and she puts in even more effort than she knew was possible.  One thing she knows is that someday we won't all remember results, but we'll remember the memories made.  And the races we remember the most are the ones where she has obstacles to overcome.”


What an incredible story, do you have a similar one to share?


Send us a DM on @moxyandgrit or send us an email! We would love to hear about your adventures!

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