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Intensely Enthusiastic. Tenacious. Bold.
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What Does Do Epic Shit Mean?

do epic shit

Howdy! I'm Sonya Looney - a World Champion Pro Mountain Biker and founder of Moxy & Grit!! I've taken on the hardest and longest mountain bike races across the globe.  One of my personal mantras is Do Epic Shit.  I made Do epic Shit socks as a constant and fun reminder to share!
What does Do Epic Shit actually mean to me? Do Epic Shit is a reminder to keep experiences fun and try things on the bike (and in life) that push you outside your comfort zone. Doing Epic Shit can be as simple as going for a ride on a trail you’ve never ridden or as complex as hiking your bike over the tallest mountain pass in the world and riding down.  Do Epic Shit is a more than a phrase, it’s a feeling.  It’s coming alive, putting life in your years, having a sense of humor, it’s feeling the fear and doing it anyway, it’s taking risks.  It’s being open to personal growth and opportunities.  Do Epic Shit doesn't need to be extreme.  It can be introducing yourself to someone, giving a speech when you feel your hands shaking - it's overcoming that little tight feeling in your throat! 
Do Epic Shit
At Moxy & Grit, we make Do Epic Shit socks in the USA and they are available in several colors!

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