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Do Epic Shit on the Pinnacles Loop FKT Attempt: Kristina Randrup Sets the Record

The Pinnacles National Park Loop is a premier place to have an adventure in Central California. With its 12.4 miles and 3,000' of elevation gain, it's a prime spot to set an FKT.   The loop features optional caves (and even could have bats!), the reservoir, stairs on the high peaks loop and magnificent views.

The goal of setting a FKT or "fastest known time" is a goal that many runners aspire to achieve. And on Jan 16, 2021, Kristina Randrup did just that in 2h 9min 56s taking 25 minutes off the existing record.  She wore her Do Epic Shit socks for the occasion! 

We sat down with Kristina to hear a little bit about her 5 hour day and how she approaches challenges and motivation.

Kristina Randrup FKT



MG: What made you decide to take on the Pinnacles Loop FKT?

Kristina: I have been to the Pinnacles once before but have wanted to go back since it’s the closest National Park to where I grew up and felt I should experience more of the park. When I planned a trip back home for January, I knew I wanted to out to the Pinnacles. I also knew of an FKT route there thanks to a class project and decided to go after it.


MG: What does Do Epic Shit mean to you?’

Kristina: Do Epic Shit means taking on big adventures and getting outside of your comfort zone in new places. Do Epic Shit is also a mindset – sometimes it means being able to run up a mountain and sometimes it means getting through an easy run when you’re not feeling your best. When you’re not feeling your best, you can convince yourself that anything you do it “epic shit”.


MG: What was a challenging moment you pushed through and how did you do it?

Kristina: The most challenging moment in this loop was the first two miles – it’s all up hill, so your pace is behind your ending overall pace. Starting off slow and behind goal pace can be a tough mental block to overcome but I reminded myself how far I still had left and that the rest of the trail played to my strengths.


MG: Why is it important for you to take on challenges?

Kristina: It’s important to take on challenges because they push us to be better versions of ourselves. You also learn how to push through low points and show us what we’re actually capable of, physically and mentally.


MG: How do your running accomplishments influence your confidence?

Kristina:  My accomplishments remind me of things I am capable of and capable of doing in the future. This helps me the most when I’m building back to peak fitness and reminding myself of what I’ve done in the past gives me the confidence that I can do it and even more again.


MG: What's one way you stay motivated to keep going for training?

Kristina: Simply put, I love to run and that love keeps me very motivated because I know running can take me to amazing places, literally and figuratively. I love how much I’m able to explore through trail running and that combined with a pure love to run gives me endless motivation.


You can follow Kristina on instagram for future adventures.

If you'd like to be featured on our blog, make sure you tag us in your adventures on our instagram or reach out to us!  We love to celebrate you!! 

Do Epic Shit



Do Epic Shit for a FKT: Kristina Randrup Takes the Pinnacles Loop FKT

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