Intensely Enthusiastic. Tenacious. Bold.
Intensely Enthusiastic. Tenacious. Bold.
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Moxy & Grit Mindset Academy: Mental Skills Training
Moxy & Grit Mindset Academy: Mental Skills Training

Moxy & Grit Mindset Academy: Mental Skills Training

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Taught by World Champion and HIgh-Performance Health Coach, Sonya Looney. 

Train your mental toughness, confidence, and grit so that you can be optimistic during challenges and inspired to do hard things!

For inspired individuals who are motivated by growth and looking to have more fun in their training (daily life) and on race day. Race day simply means an important day where you want to perform your best - it could be in a board room, on a mountain bike course, or even starting a new project.

After completing this course, you'll:

  • Understand how to set goals that don't rely on the outcome
  • Learn to view setbacks as an opportunity
  • Understand different types of motivation and how to use them
  • Learn to practice resilience in real time so you can bounce back quickly
  • Deal with Anxiety and Expectations
  • Train Confidence Daily
  • Learn how to practice self-talk for performance and optimism

You'll learn how to set better goals and habits, the foundation of motivation and mindset to move forward, the right type of self-talk and how to build optimism, and how to be confident on your big day.

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